Olympia Original
Great food really enjoyed the salsa bar
Danny Carrao
A hidden gem - I absolutely love Mexican food and I'm so glad I found this place. I'm only in Yakima for a couple of days but I will go back. They say they're known for their chicken, but I had this taco dish that was amazing (think street tacos on a plate). I'm getting hungry just writing this review!
Michael Canup
Excellent chicken, great service, they make the tortillas as you watch!
Norman Shawe
Amazing!!!! Best place in town!!! If you don't try it you must not be looking for the best bmecican food you can buy. They also have a bar with a ton of different sauces and salsas
Isaac Zinda
Made the tortillas to order, excellent Cabeza tacos, tons of salsas and pickled onions for the tacos. Family was really cute and friendly.
Amelia Min-Venditti
The tacos were delicious, the salsa bar was awesome and they were making the chicken on site. I had a lovely chat about Mexico and enjoyed my horchata as well! Friendly service :) Estuvo muy rico todo! Y la gente muy buena
Brian Brobeck
What really stands out in this place is their Chicken. I ordered half of a Chicken. The smell of the Mesquite BBQ drew me in. The Chicken was moist, flavorful, seasoned just right, Marinated and then slow cooked on the Mesquite BBQ giving it a light Mesquite smoke flavor. I don't usually like Chicken but this was really really good and tasty chicken. I also had the privilege of meeting and talking to the owner, name Gerardo. What a great guy. Very humble, down to earth, genuinely caring and happy individual. He puts a lot of heart and soul into his restaurant and wants it to be the best possible experience. All the Food and condiments are homemade and very authentic and fresh. I will definitely go back.